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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snowy Days

It's a beautiful, snowy day. The photo is the wonderful view from my front porch. It's always a beautiful scene.
It's a perfect day for sitting in, sipping hot tea or hot chocolate, crocheting and catching up on a few projects.
I have a facebook page, crochetbyladyday, I have a few auctions on listia.com LadyDay213, and a store on etsy.com, crochetbyladyday.
I would love if people could go check them out and give me feedback. I am open to anything, positive or negative. Info will only help improve my venture.
I am working on finishing up a few projects that are partially done. I have a pink cocoon 1/2 finished, I realized that my cocoons are more 'boy' oriented and I need some inventory for girls. I guess I have been more partial to boys because my first grandchild is a boy. I am so excited waiting for him to arrive. I am also working on a 'football cocoon' for him. My daughter and her husband, as well as the rest of the family, are Philadelphia Eagles fans. I will line the cocoon with an Eagles receiving blanket.
I am also working on a crib blanket for him, Logan, I am making it in the colors my daughter chose for his room. Blue and brown with monkeys. I have to go to the store and get more yarn, I ran out so I am in a holding pattern with that.
Some time in the next few days I will start making 'mini baby booties' to decorate the tables at her shower. I found an adorable pattern at crochetpatterncentral.com.
As I become more experienced with blogging I will start adding links to the sites where I get my patterns, and start listing my own patterns.
I am working out on paper a pattern for a mobile with mini zoo animals on it. I will post a pic along with the patterns as soon as I have it complete.
Happy hooking!

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