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Monday, January 7, 2013


Well, Happy Monday! I have found that trying to get time on the computer over the weekend is close to impossible. My husband and my son usually tie up the laptop. So I have to be content with blogging during the week.
I am finally going to have a craft room, I have always wanted one. We cleared out the small bedroom that we were using just for storage. We went through the boxes we had stored in there and got rid of ALOT of crap. We managed to condense it down to about 5 boxes. We have to empty or restore these boxes before we can really finish up.
My husband replaced the window yesterday, no more draft! We put together our desk. We have a beautiful marble top office desk that we had set up in our old house. We haven't been using it since we got the laptop, but we found the need to have the desktop running as well. Bring us to the computer. Again, my husband, got out the old desk top computer and cleared the hard drive. We are now up and running on both the desk top and the laptop now.
My husband and I are going to share the room. He ties his own flies for fishing. We are setting up a table on one wall for him and another table along the other wall for me. We also have overhead lighting that we were going to put in our old house, but we decided to move before it was installed. We are going to put one fixture above each work area to give us plenty of light.
I am going shopping today to price storage boxes and organizers.
I am so excited to get this finished I can barely stand myself! It will make a great place for me to be creative and to get my business, "Crochet by LadyDay" off the ground.
Happy Hooking!

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