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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ice skate ornament pattern

I want to share with you what is truly my 1st pattern. My mother and grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was very young. I remember we would do a lot of crafting, especially around the holidays.  I first made one of these when I was 10, I still have the 40 year old ornament hanging on my tree! It is a wonderful memory from my childhood. I hope you can pass this onto your children or just make a memory for yourself.

Materials: 4 weight yarn (2 colors), Size F hook, Large paperclips (2), sequins, fabric glue, tapestry needle

With primary color Ch 2
1) DC in 2nd ch from hook onto large loop of paperclip, DC 4 more times onto large loop, then DC 2 times onto smaller loop (7sts) ch 2, turn
2) DC in 1st DC, then DC in next 3 sts (4 sts), ch 1, turn
3) SC in 1st st, then SC in next 3 sts, at end ch 10 to 12 times, fasten off leaving a long tail for tying together
4) Sl st secondary color into 1st st from chain, holding a long tail of yarn across top of sts, SC in same st as joining sl st, then SC in next 3 sts (make sure you crochet tail under each st.
5) with both tails at front of skate, tie into a bow and adjust loops to desired size, trim off ends to desired length
6) with tapestry needle work beginning tail of yarn into piece and snip off.
7) with fabric glue, glue sequin to top of skate at the base of the long chain on both sides.
 or you can glue 3 sequins down the front of skate on both sides to represent laces. Use your imagination and decorate as you like!
Make 2 skates and tie the end of the 2 long chains into a bow making bow desired size, cut off excess tail yarn

These are great to keep a bunch in your purse to hand out as quick little "Merry Christmas" notions.

I hope you enjoy making these fun little ice skates.
Happy Hooking!

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