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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monkey tree mobile progress

I am changing gears and putting a hold on my tote bag for now. I have to finish the monkey mobile before my daughters baby shower in February.
I will note my progress as I go.
So far I took 3 metal rings, extra small, small, medium and large. I single crocheted tan yarn onto the 3 larger rings. I left the extra small ring plain and will use that at the top to hang the mobile.

I used dark brown yarn and chained 75 stiches and attached them to the rings making a tree (small at top, medium, then the large at the bottom) with the chains hanging below the bottom ring.
I crocheted 150 leaves in different shades of green and I am sewing each leaf on separately. Doing it this way gives me a little more freedom with placement. I can see easier where there are spaces that need to be filled.
I used yellow embroidery floss and crocheted little bananas to place around the tree. I will place the monkeys on the rings after I have the leaves in place and straightened out. I am having a problem with the leaves folding up. I am going to use spray starch and an iron to flatten them out after I sew them all on.
These are pictures of my progress so far. My helpers name is "Puppy".

I love having a craft room where I can leave everything right where I am working on it. It is so much easier than trying to put everything away each time I work on it. I just go in, sit down and I can go right to work.

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  1. This looks so cute Laurie, I love the little bananas :)