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Friday, January 18, 2013

Remnants, remnants and more remnants

This is just one plastic bin filled with yarn remnants! I have a 3 drawer organizer that has 2 drawers full as well as a basket. I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of it. I decided how I am going to use some of it at least.
I need a new tote bag. So I decided I will use my yarn to make a colorful, granny square tote. This will be the first project that I post my progress as I go. I've chosen a few bright colors, blue, yellow, mint green, rose and pink. I may end up throwing a few other colors in as I go, but that's it for now.
If anyone has any ideas for projects for my remnants, please post them.

Yesterday, the zipper on my crochet hook caddy broke,. I decided instead of buying a new one, I would just make one myself. I went through my remnant bin and pulled out a blue/brown variegated yarn and a bright blue that matches it. I used the 'afghan' stitch for the body and the pockets and a single crochet to make the border and button holes.

I made a pocket for my hooks (obviously), a pocket to put my scissors, measuring tape and pen. I also hung safety pins from this pocket. And a pocket for stitch markers, needle threaders and sewing needles. I put 2 buttons on the outside to hold it closed.
I ran into a problem that I need to resolve,. Because the sides are open, my hooks keep sliding out. I am going to go in and add cloth to the hook pocket and the sides to help keep everything inside. If that doesn't work, I am going to scrap the entire idea and break out the sewing machine and make a new one.
Creating something new is always trial and error

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